Importante!!! Si vas a venir, y tienes dudas de donde alojarte, o cosas asi, te recomendamos que leas primero detenidamente la sección Para los que vienen. Si quieres contactar con Los de Pata Negra de Pittsburgh, o si quieres pasar a formar parte de la lista de correo, no tienes más que rellenar el formulario:

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Este email lo lee más de una persona, así que no os sorprendáis si recibís más de una respuesta.


Los patanegra suelen andar por estos dos sitios. Pero recuerda, manda un mail antes de venir, no vaya a ser que no haya nadie cuando vayáis!!

Mario’s Place.

5442 Walnut Street Pittsburgh, PA 15232

Y en el William Penn Tavern

739 Bellefonte St Pittsburgh, PA 15232


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      • Kaleigh on 20 20UTC diciembre 20UTC 2011 at 14:32 02Tue, 20 Dec 2011 14:32:14 +000014.
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      Hola a Los de Patanegra,

      My name is Kaleigh Behe, and I work as an Outreach Coordinator at the Fair Housing Partnership of Greater Pittsburgh (FHP). Right now, we are recruiting members of Latino communities to work with us in promoting equal housing choice and opportunity and fighting discrimination here in Pittsburgh. If your group members would like to advocate for social justice, gain volunteer hours in a local nonprofit, and earn $50 for each time that you volunteer…read on!

      A bit about FHP– We are the only organization in Pittsburgh that works as both an equal opportunity housing counseling agency and a fair housing advocate and enforcer of federal, state, and local fair housing laws. My organization’s mission is centered on protecting equal housing rights for all—regardless of race, color, national origin, ancestry, religion, sex, age, disability, and family status. Though it is illegal for landlords, owners, and real estate agents to discriminate in providing housing or housing related services to these protected classes, many are unaware of the law. That is where we come in.

      We are inviting you to work with us in our Fair Housing Testing Program. This is a unique opportunity to protect rights within the Latino community here in Pittsburgh, and to ensure that our city is a welcoming, equitable home for all.

      Testing is a component of our Fair Housing Enforcement program. If a client has been discriminated against in a housing-related matter, we work to gather evidence and file cases at the state and national level. Fair Housing Testing is our greatest tool to build evidence for our cases. Testing is a simple, legal way to prove unequal treatment under the law. FHP sends trained volunteer testers to pose as potential home renters in the same apartment building. The testers assigned to a particular case share the same demographic information (age, gender, income level, etc.) except for the protected class in question (One tester may be African American and another is Caucasian for example; or one tester has a disability or another does not—it all depends on the particular case). Testers all go to view the same unit and document their differential treatment to our Testing Coordinator. Through Fair Housing Testing, we are able to show evidence of a pattern of discrimination and successfully file charges against the housing provider.

      Right now, we are reaching out to train more Latino testers, because without a network of Latino testers, we cannot work on discrimination cases within the Latino community as effectively. Tester Trainings run from 1.5- 3 hours, and food, drink, and materials are provided. With each test that our volunteers complete, they are compensated $50 for the valuable service that they are providing for our cases.

      Please respond back and let me know what you think. We are looking to schedule our next tester trainings in January, and would like to begin planning as soon as possible so that we can be prepared for our cases in 2012. You can email me at this address or call me at 267-980-1515. We hope to work with you!

      Please visit our website,, to learn even more about us.

      Thank You!

      Kaleigh Behe
      Fair Housing Specialist
      Fair Housing Partnership of Greater PIttsburgh
      2840 Liberty Ave. Suite 205
      Pittsburgh, PA 15222
      412.391.2535 fax: 412.391.2647

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